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Lem is a person-shaped creature living in the North of England. (This is not Lem. This is Buddy. Buddy is a cat and does not draw comics. As far as we are aware.)


Lem has been creating comics and other work for over a decade, most notably the award-nominated regularly updated webcomic Bunny which has spawned two print collections and a small army of hand-made plush toys.

Thier first dedicated for-print comic Botany was released at the ThoughtBubble festival in Leeds in 2013. Since then, they have written and illustrated Botany's sister comic Deep, and illustrated Michelle Kelly's Land Crab.

They are currently working on an as-yet-untitled mini comic. It will more than likely involve Astronauts.

Previous work includes entries to the 69 Love Songs Illustrated project, as well as guest comics for Questionable Content and Three Panel Soul.

Lem can usually be found at home in Leeds being hassled for more food by a small, loud, tabby cat.

They like sketching, synthpop, baking bread, and cats.


Alice (2003-04)

Alice (Read Online)
Sleep's Story (Read Online)

24 Hour Comic (2003)

How I Survived The Giant Vegetable Invasion Of '69 (Read Online)

Bunny (2004-12)

Bunny Archive
Bunny - The Continuing Voyages

The Maker's Mark - Prologue (2007)

The Maker's Mark - Prologue - Written by Jeffery Pagenton

Botany (2013)

Botany - (Read Online)

Deep (2014)

Deep - (Read Online)

Land Crab (2016)

Land Crab - (Read Preview) - Written by Michelle Kelly

The Teeth(2019)

The Teeth (Read Online)


Colour (2017-18)

Birb | Buddy | Forest | Lady | Le Mans | Goat | Godzilla | White Queen | Raven | Old Gods | Froggie | Night Drive | Flutterby | Cleric | Snowstorm | Not an X Man

B/W (2007-14)

Ether | Face | Microsol Stalker-B | Mugen | Swarm | Tank Slam | Monsterous Guard | Batman |

Other Things

69 Long Songs Illustrated

I Don't Believe In The Sun (2009)
I Can't Touch You Anymore (2010)
Grand Canyon (2013)

Questionable Content

681 - QC What If Theatre Presents
904 - Plug In Baby
1237 - We Are The Space Robots
1451 - Oh I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside

Three Panel Soul

10-05-10 - Space Race